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    employment service

  • (Employment Services) Job training and job placement services designed specifically for older workers. Age eligibility varies from program to program.
  • the state level organization or public labor exchange system affiliated with DOL’s United States Employment Service.
  • (Employment Services) Employee or employment-finding, employment-enhancing, or employment-related services (such as training, screening, testing, interviewing, sourcing, career counseling, résumé preparation) provided to an employer, or former employee (in the case of outplacement).


  • hebdomadally: without missing a week; “she visited her aunt weekly”
  • of or occurring every seven days; “a weekly visit”; “weekly paper”
  • Done, produced, or occurring once a week
  • a periodical that is published every week (or 52 issues per year)
  • Relating to or calculated in terms of a week


  • of or relating to a speaker of the Tamil language or the language itself; “Tamil agglutinative phrases”
  • Tamil is a Dravidian language spoken predominantly by Tamil people of the Indian subcontinent. It has official status in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and in the Indian union territory of Puducherry. Tamil is also an official language of Sri Lanka and Singapore.
  • a member of the mixed Dravidian and Caucasian people of southern India and Sri Lanka
  • A member of a people inhabiting parts of southern India and Sri Lanka
  • The Dravidian language of the Tamils

employment service tamil weekly

Developmental Pathways, Employment Services

Developmental Pathways, Employment Services
Provides customized support to enable an individual to secure and maintain employment in the community. Call 303-858-2344 for more information. Employment Services may be available for adults enrolled into programs, or possibly those on adult waiting lists. Contact your Resource or Waitlist Coordinator for more information.

In this program, individuals are placed in jobs in existing businesses and on-going support within the job is provided. Supported Employment provides a high level of integration with non-disabled co-workers. Employment is characterized by placement of one person with one job. The employer pays commensurate wage and benefits available to all new employees. Employment Consultants are available to provide help with on-site training based on an individuals needs. Employment Consultants are also available to provide other non-work related support necessary for job retention.

Dock Office and "Employment Services" building, Salford Quays

Dock Office and "Employment Services" building, Salford Quays
Dock Office on the left, rear and side of "Employment Services" on the right.

employment service tamil weekly